That gut feeling

I never thought the occasional trip to the “nyamachoma” joint would cost me part of my colon or even take me through rigorous therapy. That was ten years ago.

Mbugua Kamau

It all started with unexpected bouts of diarrhoea, an embarrassing symptom that was treated with antibiotics. The numerous visits to doctors all around Nairobi yielded no results as all they gave me were antibiotics.

As this happened I was losing a lot of weight, from 89 kgs I now weighed 50 kgs. All the doctors were treating were the symptoms. My deteriorating health affected my performance at work, which lead to me losing my job and with that went my health insurance. With no job and no insurance cover to cater for my medical expenses I was stuck.

It was only much later that I was advised to seek to seek help from India, and there to my disappointment I was diagnosed with a colon infection which would turn cancerous if not taken care of soonest possible.

I was scheduled for surgery to remove the infected bit of the colon. This was in order to eliminate the cancerous masses in my system and ensure they don’t spread to other parts of my body. I was afterwards put on a strict diet, along with special medication to ensure recovery was at its optimum.

I believe that if this had been diagnosed early enough, it would have eliminated the need for hiving off part of my colon, if only the doctors acted much earlier, the story would be different. All is not lost though and I thank God for my recovery because I know with better lifestyle there is a high possibility of preventing cancer infection. I wish everyone would understand the importance of a fruit and vegetable diet and moderate the use of sugar and red meat.

Mbugua Kamau

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