My fight is over, and I am alive!


In 2009, at only 19 years, Chepng’etich was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with only 6 months to live.  She had just completed her first year at in Moi University, Eldoret when she started losing weight and sweating a lot. This drastic weight loss got her mother worried and she went for malaria and typhoid tests. She tested positive for typhoid and was put on medication immediately. However, she got worse with the night sweating even more severe.

In June, a friend noticed some swellings all around her neck with one protruding abnormally. Thinking it had something to do with her thyroid gland; she decided to go to a physician. He sent to her to a surgeon, who immediately recommended surgery to remove one of the many growths for pathology. The results came, and it was a teary eyed mother who had to tell her that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


A series of intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and physiotherapy was done, after which subsequent tests showed there was complete tumour resolution. “The fight was over, and I was alive”.

8 thoughts on “My fight is over, and I am alive!

  1. Big up to you! I love success stories like yours. It redeems my hope from past loss. Wish you all the best. GBU. Kez

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  3. When we checked the slide it was all there, we wrote the results with trembling hands since she was a little sweatling. Four years later God heard our prayers, even though we hard declared God has proved us otherwise. Kudos Tetich

  4. God never left u frd, u was a great fighter and ur loving mum stood by you, we sincerely thank God , this is a miracle i saw it happen with ma own eyes.

  5. God is real and i thank him for all he has done for you…you mean the world to me tetich and a real testimony may God continue expanding yah territories

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